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Taking mobile event security tech to a new level

The topic of security has been playing an increasingly important role at events and for planners over recent years. And contemporary developments are calling for new approaches – and giving rise to new businesses in the process. One such example is MOVETOS Austria, which specializes in event security. 

The innovative wireless system solutions from MOVETOS are mobile and network-independent – meaning that they continue to deliver full functionality even in the event of a power outage – for maximum flexibility. The centerpiece of the system is a multifunctional mast with integrated loudspeakers, lighting, cameras, WIFI transmitter, people counter and escape route/emergency exit signage. This enables organizers to generate real-time situation reports. It also helps ease the overall planning burden while saving time and space, as well as cutting security personnel requirements and, ultimately, costs thanks to its quick set-up, take-down and installation times. 

MOVETOS Austria's digital solution was recently seen at the Summer Night's Concert by the Vienna Philharmonic in June 2021. 

The company's system solutions are targeted at agencies, organizations and event organizers. Security planners are given all the necessary training as well as individual solutions that cover a multitude of integrable security components.  

For more information visit www.movetos.at.

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