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HOFBURG Vienna – where tradition meets innovation

A unique location for memorable events since 1958, the HOFBURG Vienna in the city’s first district has played a key role in establishing the Austrian capital as a world-class meeting destination. Each year, the venue hosts up to 350 national and international congresses, fairs, exhibitions, scientific and research conferences, as well as concerts and glittering events. With a range of different rooms and halls spread across 17,000m² (normal operations prior to the pandemic) it is the ideal choice for events attracting anywhere from 50 to 4,900 participants. The numerous hotels, restaurants and stores in the immediate vicinity of the venue add to its appeal.

Global political heavyweights 

High-ranking politicians have always felt at home in Vienna, thanks to the city's excellent track record as a host. Over the years, the historic walls of the Hofburg Palace have borne witness to numerous era-defining meetings. It is no exaggeration to say that  the course of history has been shaped at this former Habsburg residence over the past 700 years.  

In 1814/15 the Hofburg hosted the Congress of Vienna. In 1961 US President Kennedy and First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Khrushchev met here, and in 1979 President Carter and Soviet Premier Brezhnev signed the Salt II nuclear treaty at the Hofburg. Exceptional composers including Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn have all given world premieres at the palace. And its regal charm endures, long after the days of the Habsburg monarchy: Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and King Juan Carlos of Spain are just some of the high-profile visitors to grace its corridors, with Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI also among its illustrious guests. To this day, the palace continues to play host to heads of state and government leaders.

Innovative solutions and hybrid events

Recasting a former imperial residence as a cutting-edge event center involves striking a harmonious balance between the past, present and future. Fully aware of its responsibilities in this respect, the HOFBURG Vienna continues to serve as an international and intercultural meeting point, while using the power of innovation to meet the challenges of the modern world. Its multifunctional rooms and halls and high-end equipment deliver maximum flexibility – even during the coronavirus pandemic, which has inevitably had an impact on various aspects of day-to-day operations at the venue.

Numerous hybrid events, such as the 2020 Vienna Tourism Conference, were successfully held during the year thanks to the special measures put in place alongside contemporary solutions and rigorous hygiene plans. Following a similar blueprint, the 42nd International Vienna Motor Symposium will play out as a virtual live event at the end of April 2021. For events like this, the contemporary in-house streaming studio sets the ideal tone. The professional editing opened up by the facility is crucial for a successful virtual event. Thanks to an innovative “Let's go digital” approach, events can be customized according to each customer’s individual needs and requirements. 

By drawing on the depth of expertise it has built up over the years and making full use of innovative measures, the venue has been able to continue hosting exceptional events with an imperial flavor during the pandemic. Where empresses and emperors once held court, the HOFBURG Vienna now stages international congresses and events for visitors from Austria and around the world. 

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