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Participants instead of m²! New pricing scheme at Messe Wien Exhibition & Congress Center

Per-person pricing

Instead of calculating prices according to "net space sold", the new "risk- and profit-sharing" model introduces a price-per-head approach. Experiences drawn from various events showed that although the basic price assumed a drop in participant numbers of up to 50, compared with previous editions, until recently, the same demand for space as in the pre-Covid age was being built into the offers. Now, the larger the number of participants is at an event, the lower the per-person fee becomes – to an agreed limit. Virtual participants are now charged at a lower rate per person.

The main advantage is that event organisers can plan with certainty, without worrying about being contractually bound to renting more space than is actually required. Increased participation is mutually beneficial to both the venue – and its clients.

Maximum planning certainty 

The per-person pricing model already includes basic operating costs, such as hall lighting, ventilation and cleaning – costs that were previously charged "on top" after the event, increasing the total bill according to actual consumption and expense. 
This model has already been introduced to regular customers, has been well-received all round, and has already formed the successful basis for a congress held in 2021.

In addition, the city of Vienna has set up attractive subsidisation programmes for congresses and business events in the shape of the "Vienna Meeting Fund 2021-2023"  and "Vienna Convention Fund 2024+". Depending upon the number of participants, subsidies of up to €60,000 are available. 

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