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Finally face to face again: ECR for the first time with patient format

The ECR is one of the most innovative medical congresses in the world. It has already been held as a hybrid event for several years. Due to the pandemic, it was recently converted to online formats. Now the radiology congress is back with its full radiance. In mid-July, thousands of participants are expected to attend one of the leading international radiology events in Vienna. As in the years before the pandemic, the congress will be held at the Austria Center Vienna

Anticipation is high: "After more than three years, we will finally return to an onsite European Congress of Radiology 2022 in Vienna. I am so excited to be reunited with colleagues and friends and enjoy all aspects of a congress that has been adapted to the modern times", says Regina Beets-Tan, President of the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

Highlights of ECR 2022 include the Artificial Intelligence Theater, which will host keynotes, industry pitches and panel discussions. It's all about artificial intelligence and the future of radiology. The "Cube" also returns during this year's European Congress of Radiology. It offers a holistic and hands-on introduction to interventional radiology (IR). For the first time, sessions for students will also be offered.

"Patients in Focus" lays foundation for stronger dialogue with patients

New to the agenda is "Patients in Focus“, a multi-day format of live lectures, presentations and panel discussions dedicated to the largest stakeholder in healthcare: patients.

The focus of the new program, taking place July 14-16 at Tech Gate Vienna, is to explore and improve the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients. A special focus will be on the role of radiology in patient care. Inspiring presentations from patients, radiologists, and representatives from hospitals and other medical specialties will identify expectations to improve care.

“Patients in Focus” is free to attend and open to anyone interested in learning more about healthcare, radiology and patient care. Presentations will be given in both English and German.

Parallel to "Patients in Focus" is the launch of the "Be Accepted" campaign, an education and information campaign for patients diagnosed with cancer. With these initiatives, the ESR aims to lay the foundation for a stronger dialogue and relationship with patients.

ECR in the summer

This year's summer date was chosen with the pandemic in mind, but it also provides an opportunity for something new. For example, the "ECR 2022 Summer Lounge", the new central meeting place for participants. It offers space for networking, a cool refreshment or the opportunity to plan or review the day. 

ECR 2022 will be about more than just education. The congress will deliver a huge range of events to pique your interests. Watch a plenary lecture in the morning and listen to visionary leaders, network with mentors and industry representatives at lunch, speak your mind at an open forum in the afternoon, enjoy a cold lemonade at the new Summer Lounge and dance the night away at the ECR party - all of this in a city famed for its rich history, culture and superb attractions that can be enjoyed alongside your congress experience”, says Regina Beets-Tan.

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