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Europe's First TEDAI Conference Takes Place in Vienna

TEDAI, a multi-day TED event focused entirely to the topic of Artificial Intelligence, is taking place in Europe for the first time. Vienna was chosen as the destination for this premiere in a corresponding selection process. Up to 1,000 participants from Europe and beyond are expected to attend. In addition to the well-known TED Talks, the agenda also includes immersive workshops, expert-led panels, a hackathon, city tours and an exclusive opening gala.

"There's a lot of hype and hope surrounding AI, but also a lot of uncertainty and fear. The solution to this dilemma lies in powerful ideas; and over the past years, numerous powerful ideas for a better future have been sparked here in Europe. There’s boundless inspiration and innovation when different cultures, languages and ways of seeing the world come together, and we’re excited to showcase them at TEDAI Vienna" says Director and Curator Dr. Alina Nikolaou.

TEDxVienna has been around since 2010, and now for the first time TEDAI Vienna is cooperating directly with TED, the parent conference. Among the numerous experts that TEDAI is bringing to Vienna are Raia Hadsell, VP of Research at Google DeepMind, Gabriele Mazzini, architect of the European AI Act, Thomas Dohmke, CEO von Github and Victor Riparbelli, CEO of Synthesia, a company whose software creates AI-generated video content.

The aim of TEDAI is to bring together inventors, innovators and business leaders from around the world to inspire meaningful collaborations that will help shape the future of technology.

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