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Successful acquisitions for Vienna as a congress destination: pathologists and muscle researchers to meet in the city in 2024 and 2025

Update 18 January 2023:  The 28th International Congress of the World Muscle Society will take place in Vienna from 08-11 October 2025.

Working closely with the international host organizations and the Austria Center Vienna, the Vienna Tourist Board’s Vienna Convention Bureau (VCB) has succeeded in bringing two high-profile medical congresses to Vienna.

The first of the new acquisitions, the 28th International Congress of the World Muscle Society, will bring around 1,200 participants to the Austria Center Vienna from September 23-29, 2024. Vienna’s close cooperation with the Austrian Muscle Research association helped put the city in pole position to secure the event.

From September 6-10, 2025 the European Society of Pathology will bring around 3,500 participants to the Austria Center Vienna, returning to the city where it hosted its inaugural international congress in 1975. The VCB supported the Austrian Society of Clinical Pathology over a period of several years while it worked on its application to host the event.

Verena Bittner-Call, Austrian Muscle Research
"The World Muscle Society always selects a very special venue for its annual congress. We are delighted that the decision was taken to host the 2024 congress in Vienna. In addition to the city’s historic charm and Vienna’s outstanding reputation as a congress venue, it was the professional support from the Vienna Convention Bureau during the application process that really made the difference. As the local organizer for the congress, we are looking forward to continuing the excellent partnership with the VCB team."

Luka Brcic, International Secretary of the Austrian Society of Clinical Pathology and Molecular Pathology
"Vienna was chosen as the host city for the 2025 European Congress of Pathology due to the outstanding opportunities it offers for congresses in general, and for large-scale events like the ECP in particular. In addition to great venues, a wide variety of accommodations, an outstanding public transportation network and flights to destinations all over the world, Vienna has a charm all of its own that stems from a combination of its architecture, its fantastic food and its legendary hospitality, which is expressed in music and chocolate. All of this was successfully presented to the European Society of Pathology as part of a pleasant cooperation with the Vienna Convention Bureau, which offered amazing support during the preparation of this application."

Norbert Kettner, Managing Director, Vienna Tourist Board
"Before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, medical congresses accounted for 40% of all congresses hosted in Vienna. The coronavirus crisis triggered an enormous wave of innovation and digitalization in this sector too, and far from replacing physical meetings, virtual conferences will go on to complement them. Going forward, many meetings will – as current examples show – be held as hybrid events. The confirmations just received from the European Pathology Congress and the International Muscle Research Congress cannot be underestimated as a signal that international business tourism is making a strong comeback in Vienna, which the Vienna Convention Bureau under Christian Woronka is fully committed to promoting."

Susanne Baumann-Söllner, Managing Director of the Austria Center Vienna
"The current exceptional circumstances have shown us the true significance of large-scale international congresses for the Viennese economy. Which is why it is all the more important that we have been able to bring these congresses to the Austria Center Vienna, with the outstanding support of local scientific organizations and the Vienna Convention Bureau. International event organizers are longing to get back to planning congresses again, and we cannot wait to get down to work turning them into reality together!"

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