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8 Tips for a More Sustainable Meeting in Vienna

  • Resource-efficient planning
    Use resources efficiently: plan meetings in locations that are appropriate for the number of attendees to save energy on heating, cooling, and lighting , and ask if energy-efficient technology is available on the premises.
  • Paperless meetings
    Avoid using printed materials and use digital documents and tools instead. The city guide app "ivie" developed by the Vienna Tourist Board provides participants with excellent tips about Vienna.
  • Carbon-neutral travel
    Provide participants with information about carbon-neutral travel options by train or how they can offset the CO₂ emissions of their flights. Encourage participants to use Vienna's excellent public transport network, walk where possible, or even ride a rental bicycle through the city. When it comes to meetings, Vienna also offers customized solutions provided by sustainable mobility partners including Wiener Linien, the City Airport Train (CAT) and ÖBB.
  • Minimize waste and encourage recycling  
    Make sure that recycling bins are provided in the meeting area and that waste items are separated appropriately. Promote the use of sustainable products, such reusable bottles to enjoy Vienna's outstanding drinking water.
  • Focus on sustainability
    Spice up your event with fringe activities on the theme of ecological and social commitment, perhaps in the form of climate workshops, social city tours or community cooking classes.
  • Choose green catering options
    Pick catering services that use local and seasonal produce and offer vegetarian options to your attendees. Minimize the use of disposable tableware and cutlery. Also, look into the possibilities for donating surplus food.
  • Work with certified partners in Vienna
    Consider eco-labels and certifications when selecting vendors and choose environmentally-friendly hotels and venues.
  • Have an event certified as a green meeting  
    Make a clear statement in support of the environment and get your meeting certified. A certification demonstrates to participants and partners that you, as the organizer, are thinking about sustainable, innovative concepts for your meeting and are contributing to environmental and climate protection.

If you have any questions or require further information, the Vienna Convention Bureau is happy to assist you.