Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028

Vienna is supporting organizers of congresses and corporate events through the Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028.

Set up by the City of Vienna, the EUR 4 million fund is aimed at national and international organizers who are planning and holding meetings in Vienna between 1 January 2025 and 31 December 2028. Applications are possible until three weeks before the starting date of the event.

(Association) congresses and corporate events are of central importance for Vienna's tourism industry and should be promoted according to their roles as an economic asset, as a driving force for the internationalization of the city and as a trigger for local value creation.

What is covered by the fund?

The Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028 provides funding for international events lasting several days (program elements on at least two consecutive event days) that take place between 1 January 2025 and 31 December 2028.

Funding is only available for international events with a subject-specific agenda that take place in the eight months of January, February, March, April, July, August, November and December.

International events within the meaning of these Funding Guidelines are gatherings of predominantly international participants (at least 50% of the participants on site have traveled from abroad) to exchange professional information.

The fund supports business events – events with (registered) participants known to the organizer – that add value for Vienna as an innovation hub and a business location. This includes (association) congresses and meetings, as well as corporate events and meetings. Purely (corporate) evening events such as galas, award ceremonies or Christmas parties, as well as exhibitions, fairs and cultural or sporting events are not eligible for funding.

Funding is available for variable costs paid to third parties which are related directly to the staging of the event. Examples include costs associated with the event location and for other service providers such as accommodations, A/V companies and caterers.

What funding possibilities are available?

The Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028 consists of two modules. Module 2 is based on Module 1. Funding for Module 2 can therefore only be applied for if the requirements for Module 1 are also met.

Module 1

Events over several days
(business events taking place during the day)
At least 50 participants
on site
Minimum 50% international participants
(traveled from abroad)
In a Viennese location
against payment of a roomrental/conference flat rate

Module 2

Awarded with the label ÖkoEvent
of the City of Vienna
Certification with the Austrian Eco Label
Green Meetings and Green Events

The maximum support available per event – provided the criteria for both funding modules are met – is EUR 60,000. The maximum level of support from each funding module is shown in the funding guidelines.

In addition, the Vienna Loyalty Fund is available. Funding is provided for returning international association congresses to be organized in Vienna. Applications are open since 01 January 2023, all details can be found here.

Who can apply for funding?

The Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028 is aimed at all national and international organizers who plan and hold a meeting themselves or through a third-party and bear the financial risk and therefore ultimate responsibility for all costs.

How are applications made?

Applications can be made online at any time until 3 December 2028 through the Vienna Convention Bureau. After the formal evaluation, applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. If all of the funding available under the Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028 is allocated before the end of the submission period, a notice to this effect will be posted on the Vienna Convention Bureau website. The completed application must be submitted to the Vienna Convention Bureau at least three weeks before the starting date of the event.

Events that receive funding from the Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028 must display the Meeting Destination Vienna logo in their marketing materials.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the Vienna Meeting Fund 2025-2028, call us on +43-1-211 14-555 or send an e-mail to