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Traveling to Vienna by Train

Vienna is fully integrated into the European rail network. Private and business travelers can take advantage of numerous national and international train connections, with services tailored to the different demographics’ needs.

Visitors can travel to Vienna from 15 European countries by rail without having to change. There are a total of 19 direct services from all major cities in neighboring Germany alone. It is also easy to get to Vienna from Switzerland, with multiple direct daily services shuttling between the Austrian capital and Zurich each day. Italy, France, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic are among the other international destinations with direct rail links. And upon arrival in Vienna, travelers can continue their journey in comfort. All of the city’s railway stations are centrally located and well connected to the public transportation network. Completed in 2014, the ultra-modern Hauptbahnhof (Vienna Main Station) is used by around 150,000 passengers and more than 1,000 trains stop there each day. It is also a key interchange, with connections to eight commuter rail lines, two bus routes, three tram routes and one subway line.

Tickets for every requirement

ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) caters to the specific needs of individual passenger groups with numerous offers. Heavily discounted, the ÖBB super economy Sparschiene advance tickets are available for destinations throughout Austria and Europe. And the newly created ÖBB Congress Account gives meeting participants uncomplicated access to cost-effective, climate-friendly travel.

Anyone who prefers to sleep through their journey has the pick of eleven night train connections. The ÖBB Nightjet currently operates direct services to Vienna from Bregenz, Hamburg, Rome, Brussels, Amsterdam, Zurich, Basel, Venice, Milan, Berlin and even as far afield as Paris (and the other way round). With all this choice, Vienna is now the largest night train hub in the European Union. Tickets are available for seating carriages, couchettes or cabins.

The eco-friendly way to travel

Traveling to the city by rail from all corners of the continent has a long tradition in Vienna, which was set in motion by the 1873 Vienna World's Fair. And the city remains committed to upholding this proud legacy. Mobility is an important factor and one of the cornerstones of Meeting Destination Vienna's sustainability drive. Opting for eco-friendly travel to and from the capital from other European countries significantly reduces the ecological footprint of each event. And when they arrive, visitors can experience the highest quality of life in the world.  

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