Sachertorte (Sacher Cake)

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Baking Courses

Strudel Show Café Residenz

Under the guidance of the confectioners, you will learn how to make a traditional Viennese apple strudel from strudel dough. With stories and tales about the apple strudel, you will be shown the art of strudel dough pulling in a cozy atmosphere and you will receive many useful tips and tricks about the traditional Viennese pastry. Secret recipe included!

Group size:
From 4 to 25 persons

Hofbackstube at the Café Residenz 
Kavalierstrakt 52, 1130 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-241 00-310

Learn to Bake with Grandma

Learn the fine art of baking in the new granny baking studio in the heart of Vienna. Whether Sacher cake, apple strudel or Buchteln, grandma can do it all! And she is happy to share her knowledge with baking enthusiasts in physical as well as digital courses. Up to 3 hours of baking fun are guaranteed and one or the other anecdote from the great wisdom treasure of Vollpension's oldies may not be missing there of course. In addition to a great time, there will also be a self-made cake in a Vollpension cake box to take home.

Group size:
From 6 to 20 persons

Vollpension Backstudio
Mariahilfer Straße 101, 3rd inner courtyard, 1060 Vienna
Phone: +43-699-108 12 984

Apple Strudel Workshop Meissl & Schadn

In the open salon kitchen of Meissl & Schadn you will be demonstrated how pulling strudel dough really is done. There you will prepare the legendary Viennese apple strudel under the expert guidance of a master. A technique that is almost forgotten and can be learned or at least marveled at within an hour in an exclusive setting. As a conclusion, a perfect apple strudel and a "True Apfel Strudler" certificate await you.

Group size:
From 2 to 7 persons

Meissl & Schadn Vienna
Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna
Phone: +43-1-90 212