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Next Generation Radiology: ECR 2024 is About to Start

Over 16,000 experts from the field of radiology are expected to attend this year's ECR at the Austria Center Vienna and online. They can look forward to an extensive program focussed on future-oriented technologies, above all the potential applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"Our theme for this year, 'Next Generation Radiology', reflects not only our commitment to embracing the future, but also our recognition of the transformative potential it holds. It signifies our commitment to exploring the uncharted territories of medical imaging, where artificial intelligence augments human expertise, where radiomics unlocks the hidden patterns within images, and where telemedicine connects us to patients across borders", says Prof. Carlo Catalano, ECR 2024 President.

ECR 2024 program highlights

ECR 2024 will look at the boundaries of radiology with the aim of continuously improving patient well-being through innovation. The program includes a variety of different sessions, from state-of-the-art symposia to quiz formats and hands-on workshops to refresher courses and so-called "New Horizon" sessions, provide an insight into recent developments within specific areas of practice. Established formats such as The Cube, a feature event of the ECR dedicated to interventional radiology, are also on the agenda again this year.

ECR 2024 Poster

Highlights this year include the opening ceremony, which will be hosted by Congress President Catalano together with Ameca, the world's most advanced robotic humanoid. The "Innovation in Focus" program also promises exciting insights into the future of radiology. With topics ranging from sustainability and data-management in radiology through to the use of chat bots and integrated diagnostics, the format will take attendees on a journey to the unexplored realms of medical imaging and beyond.

In addition, there will be a dedicated program on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning, big data and deep learning are the focus of the AI Theatre & Exhibition.

View the entire ECR 2024 program.