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Grandmas, Grandpas, Pastries and The Meeting Industry

Vollpension offers a unique café experience where senior citizens are employed as chefs and servers, sharing their culinary skills, stories, and wisdom with guests. This innovative approach not only provides delicious homemade goods like their cakes and pastries but also fosters meaningful conversations and connections between the older generation and younger patrons. By empowering senior citizens and promoting inclusivity, Vollpension is not just a café but a social business dedicated to creating a sense of community and bridging the generation gap.

Vollpension meets the Meeting Industry

Vollpension's initiatives, promoting intergenerational connections and social impact, can be seamlessly integrated into large congresses, corporate conferences, and incentives. Their involvement in diverse projects beyond their café operations demonstrates their dedication to fostering meaningful relationships between generations.

  • "Buchtelmobil": Vollpension extends its culinary offerings beyond the café by providing catering services for events and special occasions. This not only allows Vollpension to showcase its delicious Buchteln (a sweet yeast delight) but also provides employment opportunities for senior citizens in the catering industry.
  • Keynote speaker: Featuring Vollpension's founders and experienced seniors as keynote speakers at conferences, addressing working in old age, effectively managing intergenerational teams, and demographic challenges through the Vollpension initiative
  • Pop-Up Generations Café: Rent a mobile pop-up generation café for up to 40 people for a unique event experience, bringing the full board experience including coffee and sweet treats to any location.
  • Social events: The multifunctional studio in the heart of the city offers a unique blend of urbanity and grandma-style charm, perfect for workshops, lectures, or press conferences. Furthermore, the studio provides a versatile space for interactive baking sessions with senior mentors, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the art of pastry-making while embracing the knowledge and charm of our beloved elder generation. These engaging culinary experiences can also be seamlessly adapted to online formats, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all participants. As a social program for before during or after a conference, the company also offers social city tours with grandma. With narration to the world of the Vollpension guests also embark on a journey of discovery through Vienna on the so called "Sweet Walk".

In terms of entering the world of congresses, conferences and events, the social business made a remarkable impact at PCMA 2022 as well. Their innovative approach to fostering meaningful connections and creating inclusive experiences stood out in the MICE industry. Building on their success, the Vienna Convention Bureau is excited to bring Vollpension to PCMA 2023 in Copenhagen, further showcasing their exceptional contributions to the industry.

Moreover, Vollpension was also represented as a Viennese partner with the well-known "Buchtelmobil" at a client event in Munich organized by us, the Vienna Convention Bureau. Participants were treated to delicious pastries while the social enterprise shared its inspiring corporate story and values. Their presence added an extra touch of charm and enjoyment to the event, making it a memorable experience for all involved.

The additional income received by seniors increases their monthly disposable income by an average of 40%. Despite our country's high standard of living, old-age poverty remains a significant problem, with approximately 640,000 seniors in Austria living alone, predominantly in urban areas. Single seniors are particularly vulnerable to loneliness, isolation, and a lack of social networks that can help prevent social and financial hardship. Authentic communication between generations in urban environments is crucial to bridge the gap and foster mutual support and knowledge exchange.

Through these diverse projects, Vollpension demonstrates its mission to create a more inclusive society, where the experiences of senior citizens are valued and celebrated. By providing employment, promoting intergenerational connections, and offering unique experiences, Vollpension continues to make a positive impact on individuals and communities alike.