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Wiener Linien: Congress Ticket

The congress ticket enables participants to make unlimited use of all means of public transport in Vienna (Kernzone Wien) for the entire duration of the event.

The fare per congress ticket (minimum number of tickets: 150) is f.i. EUR 17.60 for three days and an extra EUR 2.40 for each additional day. Wiener Linien also offers discounts from 2 % (from 500 tickets) to 30 % (from 10,000 tickets) for large meetings.

The congress ticket can be personalised by adding the logo of the event or some additional text. If over 3,000 tickets are ordered, the congress badge may even be used as the ticket.

Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG, Department for Sales & Consulting

Print@Home ticket

Due to a technical change on the part of Wiener Linien, the Print@Home version of the congress ticket cannot be offered until further notice as of December 1, 2023.

As an alternative for a digital option, please temporarily refer to the general ticket range in the WienMobil store:

The following ticket offers might be of interest:

  • Day-Ticket Vienna á € 5,80 (or 2 times the Day-Ticket for € 11,60)
  • 24 hours Vienna á € 8,00 (valid from the specified date and time)
  • 48 hours Vienna á € 14,10 (valid from the specified date and time)
  • 7 days Vienna á € 17,10

For airport transfer (with Vienna Airport Lines or City Airport Train), a digital ticket can also be purchased separately via the WienMobil Shop.

Advantages of a digital ticket purchase:

  • In case of loss/theft, this ticket can be reprinted
  • A digital version of the ticket is possible on the smartphone (for iOS and Android)