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Checklist of Sustainable Actions

Reaching the event venue quickly and easily & environmentally friendly transportation:

  • Would the participants consider CO2 compensation if they arrive by plane? Is the venue easy to access with public transportation and would the participants use a WienMobil Rad (bicycle) to reach the venue?
  • Are the participants sufficiently informed about the above-mentioned possibilities?

Good night:

  • Are there hotels near the venue which are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel?
  • Are the hotels you work with informed about sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies?

Meetings held the environmentally friendly way:

  • Is the venue certified with the Austrian Ecolabel?
  • Does it have an environment strategy?

Stop trash:

  • Do you avoid garbage by using reusable dishes instead of plastic dishes?
  • Do you try to reduce printed matter or do you print on environmentally friendly paper?
  • Do you use reusable name tags?
  • Is your promotional material made of environmentally friendly material?

Healthy food for the mind:

  • Is your catering certified with the Austrian Ecolabel?
  • Is Vienna tap water offered which comes directly from the Alps?
  • Does the catering partner prepare regional dishes and beverages as well as typical Viennese dishes?
  • Does the catering partner avoid garbage and try to reduce cutlery?

Taking (social) initiative:

  • Is there a balanced ratio of male and female speakers?
  • Are there special offers for students?
  • Does the events programme include regional nature or cultural highlights?
  • Do you assist participants with a handicap?