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New Venues in Vienna: Historic Charm Meets Modern Concepts

Ballonhalle - a historic venue for extraordinary events

Originally designed in 1893 as a storage facility for military balloons, the Ballonhalle has undergone a fascinating transformation. Today, with its 1,000 square meters, it is the perfect location for events of all kinds, including corporate gatherings, employee parties, advertising photoshoots, as well as concerts or product presentations. With various setup options, the Ballonhalle offers an extraordinary range of possibilities. As an event venue, it can accommodate up to 550 people in a cocktail-style seating arrangement, and for concerts, it can host up to 1,500 attendees. No matter how exceptional the ideas may be, until June 2024, the Ballonhalle Wien, in combination with its two outdoor areas, provides the perfect ambiance to bring them to life.

KELSEN im Parlament - hosting at the heart of democracy

KELSEN im Parlament allows you to hold events right in the heart of Austrian democracy. Whether as a restaurant, bistro, café, or event venue, as diverse as KELSEN is itself, it offers countless possibilities for individual event ideas. With a breathtaking view of Vienna's city center, the glass hall is the perfect blend of historical structures and modern architecture. When weather permits, the spacious rooftop terrace can also be enjoyed. This expanded area enables outdoor events and transforms every meeting into a truly special experience.

Citadines Danube Vienna - travel with home comfort

In the heart of Vienna's 22nd district, known as the "Donau City," where there's a harmonious blend of peaceful living and quick access to the city, Citadines Danube Vienna will open its doors in autumn 2023. With 195 rooms and 28 suites, this aparthotel offers the perfect combination of travel and the feeling of home. The fully equipped studios and apartments also serve as an ideal starting point for exploring the city or enjoying an extended stay in Vienna. Furthermore, the two meeting rooms impress with their modern design and abundant natural light, accommodating small yet refined meetings for up to 16 people. In line with the motto "Work Hard - Play Hard," the rooftop bar on the 12th floor, overlooking the Alte Donau (Old Danube), provides a relaxing escape after long days of meetings.

Ruby Paul Workspaces - inspiration for modern workspaces

With over 400 workspaces located in the vibrant city center, the new Ruby Paul Workspaces are the perfect meeting point for startups, freelancers, team meetings, or corporate events. What was once the Old Post Office, characterized by diligent sorting of letters and packages, now shines anew, and offers a variety of space concepts. The range includes flexible workstations, private offices, and co-working spaces. Additionally, the comfortable and well-equipped conference rooms are part of the offering. In one of Vienna's most beautiful buildings, antique wooden furniture with leather and velvet finishes provides comfort and ambiance for meetings of all kinds.

Wien Museum - where history meets modernity

The Wien Museum, a treasure trove of culture and history, is a central destination for those wishing to delve into Vienna's rich past. With an impressive collection of artifacts, artworks, and historical documents, the museum provides a fascinating insight into the city's development from its beginnings to the present day. After years of renovation and reconstruction, it reopens its doors in December 2023 and now features a new "floating" upper floor where special exhibitions will be showcased. The resulting connecting element is also intended to be available for meetings and events. The event center, combined with an unparalleled view of the Karlskirche from the terrace floor, offers an attractive option for those planning their event in Vienna.