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Kinetic World Novelty: polySTAGE at Austria Center Vienna

Whether digital registration area, innovative exhibition booth, interactive stage for discussion rounds or spectacular art exhibitions - with the polySTAGE there are no limits for event organizers in the entrance area of the Austria Center Vienna (link). 52 LED panels, which are filled with content and driven via media servers, provide 174 m² of video display. Developed by the Viennese company Media Apparat, the panels are arranged in two circles and suspended by motor-driven belts. They can be individually moved vertically from ceiling to floor.

Austria Center Vienna The polySTAGE

Individual application and countless possibilities

The name of the new highlight in the Austria Center Vienna is derived from the ancient Greek words "poly" (many) and "stage" and thus refers directly to the multitude of staging possibilities. The polySTAGE is completed by a giant LED banner, two LED side walls and a spatial sound system. This extends the immersive experience to the auditory sense as well. Including the LED side walls, the polySTAGE thus offers 310 m² of LED surface and 107 million pixels.

More information at www.polystage.at